plazas​ Ocupation 23 beds

wifi WIFI

zona lavandería​ Laundry aread (washing machine, dryer, drying rack, hand landry)

sala polivalente​ Multipurpose room: TV, coffee machine, soft drinks and snacks, kitchen utensils, microwave, refrigerator, etc)

habitación discapacidad​ Room adapted for the disabled

​ Toilets: 9 showers, hot wáter, towels, soap, 7 toilets

enchufes​ Battery charging plugs (Smartphone, Tablet, PC, etc)

Taquillas​ Closed lockers

zapatero​ Shoe locker

botiquin First aid kit

calefacción Heating, AIR Conditioning

The hostel facilities are open from March until the end of Octuber.

Private rooms are open every day.

Check-in from 12h to 18h (for another time contact us by phoner or email).

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Rates: from 15 euros / person in a 6 people shared room, up to 60 euros in a private room. More detailed information on Book Now or Contact